Telehealth Resources

Risks of using Telehealth

Potential Risks:

Although telehealth services improve access to services, there are potential risks associated with telehealth. These include, but are not limited to:


  • Delays or disruptions in services and treatment could occur due to deficiencies or failures of associated equipment;
  • In very rare instances, security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy of personal medical information;
  • Due to clients participating in telehealth services outside of South Meadows Recovery facilities, there are additional risks associated with breaches of confidentiality. (i.e. a person participating via telehealth in their home and a non-participant entering their space). 

Technical Support

For support with using our Telehealth systems call 855-878-0148


Any person(s) who believes that their rights have been violated or has a grievance may file a complaint pursuant
to the procedures set forth below, on their behalf, or on the behalf of another person. Clients shall have
immediate access to grievance resources via our website as well as
in the provided “Client Handbook”.

Grievances and complaints processing procedures are as follows:

1. Any person(s) who believes that their rights have been violated or has a compliant or grievance may file a complaint pursuant to the procedures set forth below, on their behalf or on the behalf of another person. All persons are encouraged to file a grievance. By filing a complaint the individual will not subject themselves to any form of adverse action, reprimand, retaliation, or otherwise negative treatment by South Meadows Recovery, Inc.. Client shall have immediate access to the Client Grevience Form; a posting of the grievance procedure will be on our website with the levels of appeals, and in the client handbook.

The processing procedures for grievances and complaints are as follows:

1. The Client is encouraged to discuss any problems with their therapist. The Client and therapist will try to find a resolution. The therapist will correspond with the Clinical Director on the grievance and/or compliant and any resolution.

2. All grievances shall first be filed with the Clinical Director by completing a “Client Grievance” form available here (click here) . The Human Resources Director and/or Designee shall give the Client a receipt of the filed grievance and log the grievance. The Director will conduct an internal investigation and render an initial determination and resolution within 2 days of receipt of the complaint in writing.

3. If the complainant is not satisfied or if the complaint is not resolved with the results achieved in Step 2, the complainant may file an appeal and/or the grievance shall be forwarded to the Director of Operations and this meeting shall be held within five working days of the date it is requested.

4. The Client shall be presented a resolution and response to their grievance in writing.

5. In the event that the Client does not feel a resolution has been reached they may contact the state regulatory department and the applicable client advocacy institution.

3. The Clinical Director and the Director of Operations shall take steps to ensure an appropriate investigation of each complaint to determine its validity. These rules contemplate informal, but thorough, investigations affording all interested persons and their representatives, if any, an opportunity to submit evidence relevant to the complaint.

4. Any allegations of physical or sexual abuse by a therapist shall immediately be brought to the attention of the Clinical Director and the police shall be notified. The Client will be afforded the opportunity to contact the Police, state Abuse Hotline, state department of family services and the state disability rights department where applicable. The telephone numbers of the hotlines are posted on the Client Bulletin Board and provided below.

Clients have the right to grieve directly to HHSC Investigations Department, JCAHO or other agencies listed below at any time.  If a client is unable to read or write, assistance will be provided so they can do so. Clients may also request writing materials, postage, and access to a telephone for the purpose of filing a grievance. The address and telephone number of HHSC and other applicable agencies are:


Texas Health & Human Services Commission

Email:, or
Texas Health & Human Services Commission
Regulatory Services Complaint and Incident Intake, Mail Code E-249
PO Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030
512- 834-6650 Option 8

The Joint Commission

One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois 60181
Phone: 630-792-5411 Fax: 630-792-4411

Complaints regarding false, misleading, or deceptive advertising may also be reported to:

Office of the Attorney General

Consumer Protection Division

P.O. Box 12548,

Austin, Texas 78711-2548


U.S. Department of Health/Human Services

Civil Rights

50 United Nations Plaza, Rm 322

San Francisco, CA 94102


Texas State Board of Medical Examiners

1812 Center Creek  Dr. Ste 300

Austin, TX 78754

Department of Family Protective Service/Abuse Neglect and Exploitation Hotline


DARS Services- 800-628-5515

Texas Department of Insurance- 800-252-3439

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