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Tara Lynn Robinson, LPC
Trauma Therapist

Tara’s therapy approach is to help build greater capacity for one’s emotional life and relationships. Tara has a passion for working with individuals struggling with chemical dependency, and eating disorders. She works through a trauma lens to uncover the root of the issue. Therapy is about many things, often our emotional suffering and the possibility of transforming it. A single incident trauma as well as tough childhood experiences can often be held so deep within us, they are impossible to reach with our rational mind. Tara uses EMDR in addition to traditional therapy as it tends to make the most beneficial impact for my clients. Her goal is to help clients achieve health, balance, and harmony to embrace life. One of Tara’s priorities is to make her clients feel safe in the room to be their true authentic selves, so deep-seeded feelings of shame no longer block healing. Together they explore the deeper issues that have been hidden for so long and work to learn strategies for managing difficult times while gaining a better sense of clarity and well-being. 


Jeffrey L. Butts, DO, MRO
Medical Director

Jeffrey L. Butts, DO, MRO is a fellow of the American Board of Addiction Medicine and is a diplomate of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. A longtime solo family practitioner, Dr. Butts began following an emerging trend in medical practice known as “concierge medicine” in 1999, and decided to take this concept one step further by developing a network for physicians and their patients that is physician-managed and patient-directed.

Danuta Siemek, LCDC

Danuta Siemek is a recovering addict whose professional journey began 28 years ago when she first decided to seek help. Her addiction was bringing her to her knees and she desperately wanted a different life for herself and her family. After struggling with alcoholism for over two decades, she was able to get some help. Over her 26 year career, Danuta has worked as a therapist, supervisor, clinical team leader and program director and has spent eight years in management and directorial positions at various inpatient/outpatient and private practices. She is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC), Qualified Credentialed Counselor (QCC) and Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART) and has a deep understanding of people with behavioral, physical and emotional challenges and the various stages that make up their journeys of healing and recovery.

Jon Brown

Sober since March 28th, 2010, Jon struggled with substance abuse from a young age before finding long-term recovery. From a place of gratitude and service, Jon has dedicated his personal and professional life to helping individuals and families heal from the wounds of addiction. In 2016, with the dream of offering other men a safe supportive environment for recovery, he opened North Austin Sober Living. Through hard work and dedication, North Austin Sober Living grew to be a mainstay in the Austin treatment community, which is known for its quality and affordability. Wanting to provide an even higher level of support for his residents, Jon founded South Meadows Recovery in the Spring of 2020.

Jamie Hejna
Digital Marketing Manager

Jamie joined the South Meadows team in April 2020 and was first introduced to recovery in 2012. Since getting sober, Jamie was able to get back into college and graduated with a degree in marketing in 2018 after attending Augsburg University which has the largest collegiate recovery program in the country. In his free time, Jamie enjoys skateboarding and focusing on building his company, Ollie Marketing.