Cory Bickham

Executive Director, LCDC

Cory Bickham, originally from Prairieville, LA, is a former athlete who battled addiction for 12 years before finding a turning point in 2014. After seeking help and surrendering to guidance, he experienced serenity and hope. Cory became an LCDC and has spent the past 8 years working in the treatment industry, helping others overcome alcoholism and addiction. Outside of work, he enjoys bass fishing and spending time with his Great Pyrenees named Dolly and mischievous cat named Mahoney. Cory’s driving force is to empower others through surrender and internal work.

Andrew Workman


Andrew Workman is an exercise physiologist and sports enthusiast. Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Fitness and Human Performance, he has a passion for team and individual sports, philosophy, and psychology. Andrew’s love for baseball and golf shaped his values and accomplishments, including a second-place finish in the Texas State Championship. Despite outward success, he battled alcohol addiction, facing arrests, seizures, and homelessness.

Jon Brown


Jon struggled with substance abuse from a young age before finding long-term recovery. From a place of gratitude and service, Jon has dedicated his personal and professional life to helping individuals and families heal from the wounds of addiction. In 2016, with the dream of offering other men a safe supportive environment for recovery, he opened North Austin Sober Living. Through hard work and dedication, North Austin Sober Living grew to be a mainstay in the Austin treatment community, which is known for its quality and affordability. Wanting to provide an even higher level of support for his residents, Jon founded South Meadows Recovery in the Spring of 2020.

Steve Del Mauro

Admissions Coordinator

Steve Del Mauro, a Distinguished Healthcare Executive and visionary strategist, is not only a record-breaker in driving growth within complex networks of Behavioral Health programs but also an Army veteran with a passionate commitment to helping people. Steve’s unique blend of military discipline and unwavering dedication to making a difference in people’s lives sets him apart as a leader in the healthcare industry.

Jeffrey L. Butts, DO, MRO

Medical Director

Jeffrey L. Butts, DO, MRO is a fellow of the American Board of Addiction Medicine and is a diplomate of the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. A longtime solo family practitioner, Dr. Butts began following an emerging trend in medical practice known as “concierge medicine” in 1999, and decided to take this concept one step further by developing a network for physicians and their patients that is physician-managed and patient-directed.

Julia Couzens

Counselor, LCDC

Julia Couzens, originally from Ontario, Canada, moved to Atlanta, GA in 2000. In 2017, she relocated to Austin, Texas for SUD treatment. Her sobriety date is July 14, 2017. Through recovery, Julia rebuilt relationships and experienced profound connections. She returned to school for her LCDC and is now pursuing a counseling master’s degree at Texas Tech University, aiming to help others on their healing journeys.

Lisa Bulger

Office Manager

Lisa started working as a Recovery Advocate at South Meadows Recovery. She is excited to be given the opportunity because she is in recovery and feels truly fulfilled finding meaning by helping others with addiction. Lisa saw a way out and truly believes that she can show others the light at the end of the tunnel. Lisa is from Iowa and has a few family members in Texas, so she found her family in recovery. Lisa loves her job at South Meadows Recovery because she feels purposeful using her organization, time management, and personal skills to keep things running smoothly. 

Kevin Hicks

Recovery Specialist

Kevin Hicks is a dedicated member of the client care team at South Meadows Recovery . With a background rooted in compassion, Kevin has a genuine passion for helping others and works closely with clients to provide support and guidance. Born and raised on the East Coast, Kevin’s parents were in the Marine Corps, but he later moved back to Texas after college. In 2021, Kevin arrived in Austin where he discovered his calling in recovery. With a personal understanding of struggle, Kevin finds fulfillment in assisting others in their journey towards healing and growth.