Aftercare in Recovery

6 Reasons You Need Aftercare in Recovery

Rehabilitation is the first step in recovery, and once rehab is completed, the difficult part begins aftercare. Graduation is the actual test in recovery, and along the way, people join our Austin aftercare program to stay on top of their recovery.

Continuing to remain clean is a major challenge when a person goes back to their normal lifestyle.

Friends and environments can lead a past addict right back into old habits. However, aftercare programs can help keep you on track to stay clean today and for years to come.

What’s Involved in Our Austin Aftercare Program?

Entering an aftercare program is a step down from the treatment and guidance provided in a rehabilitation center. However, the program offers a way to transition back into your regular life, while also helping prevent a person from relapsing.

Ongoing support prevents relapses, and that’s the primary goal of aftercare.

Importance of Aftercare in Recovery

Aftercare helps addicts continue on their road to recovery in numerous ways, including:

  • Improve the chances of employment so that you can reenter the workforce
  • Provides legal assistance.
  • Assists you in finding safe housing away from temptation
  • Offers ongoing monitoring for both physical and mental health
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle and relationships
  • Provides an outlet for relapse prevention programming

Addiction is a long-term battle, and aftercare provides the guidance and support needed when a person is at risk of relapsing. Accountability is key when recovering from addiction, and to make progress, an aftercare program holds you accountable.

Programs are all structured differently, but you’ll be required to follow up with the program at regular intervals.

Follow-ups help the program providers help you the best way possible. If you’ve made progress, the program will praise you and keep you on track. However, if you have any needs, the aftercare program addresses them to help you stay on the road to recovery.

Recovery is a long, intense process that will require you to be mindful of your actions and potential triggers on a daily basis.

During the first six months of an aftercare program, the most progress is made. For each month that an addict goes to a program and stays clean, they’re 20% less likely to relapse. Increasing your chance of long-term success each month through aftercare programs sheds light on just how important these programs can be to former addicts. 

Components That May Be in Your Aftercare in Recovery

Multiple components may be included in an aftercare program, including:

  • Outpatient programs of different intensities
  • Case management and counselors
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Recovery meetings
  • Sponsors and mentorship
  • Creation of support systems

You may have a lot of input on the program designed for you. If you’re willing to work with an aftercare program provider, they may take your suggestions on how to best help you during the program.

Aftercare programs offer recovering addicts the opportunity to stay clean over the long-term. If you’ve graduated from rehab or are on your way to graduating, consider signing up for our Austin aftercare program.

We’re here to help you abstain from old habits.

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