Exploring 8 Ball Cocaine: What is An 8 Ball of Cocaine?

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Cocaine powder and cocaine in a bag.

What is an 8 Ball of Cocaine?

When it comes to discussing cocaine, the term “8 ball” or “eight ball” frequently emerges. But what exactly does this phrase refer to? This article aims to shed light on the topic of 8 balls of cocaine – its nature, effects, and the associated costs.

What is an 8 Ball of Coke?

An “8 ball” is a common street term used to describe an eighth of an ounce of cocaine (or coke). This equates to roughly 3.5 grams. Often packaged in a small, round container resembling a billiards 8 ball, hence the name, it’s a significant quantity in the drug’s illicit trade.

Effects of 8 Ball Cocaine:

Consuming an 8 ball of cocaine can lead to various effects on the human body and mind. From an immediate rush of euphoria and increased energy to heightened alertness and suppressed appetite, its impact can be intense and short-lived. However, the downside can be equally powerful, leading to anxiety, paranoia, and even potential health risks like heart problems or overdose.

How Much is an 8 Ball of Cocaine?

The cost of an 8 ball of cocaine varies widely based on location, purity, and market demand. In the United States, an 8 ball of cocaine could range from around $150 to $300 USD. However, these prices are subject to change and can be significantly different in other regions or due to fluctuations in the illegal drug market. Understanding the cost factor is crucial, given the illegal and unpredictable nature of the drug’s market.

Risks and Precautions:

With the allure of the high comes the risks associated with cocaine use. Dependency, health complications, legal ramifications, and social repercussions are all part of the package. Seeking help or guidance for addiction and staying informed about the dangers are pivotal steps in staying safe.


In light of the significant impact an 8 ball of cocaine can have on individuals, it’s pivotal to acknowledge the need for guidance and support in navigating the challenges it presents. At South Meadows Recovery, we recognize the complexity surrounding substance use. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive support, education, and rehabilitation services tailored to address the effects, risks, and costs associated with cocaine use. Our aim is to empower individuals to make informed decisions, offering a compassionate hand to guide them towards a path of recovery and well-being.