Transform Your Life and Find Healing

We envision a world where people can recover from addiction, develop life skills and reach a state of happiness free from relapse. Break free and enjoy a life filled with infinite possibilities.


The mission of South Meadows Recovery is to offer the best quality of professional and affordable substance abuse treatment, with the highest regard and respect given to the client’s growth, recovery, and individuality.

12 Step Recovery Groups

At South Meadows Recovery, we strongly believe in using the 12 Steps as a means of recreating your life. Our program offers Recovery Coaching for extra support.

Life Skills

Throughout our program, we implement a series of life skills exercises that are essential to rebuilding your life. We help with time management, budgeting, building healthy relationships, overcoming social anxiety, setting and achieving personal goals, etc.

Clinical Groups

Our structured IOP program is meant to accommodate the many demands of establishing a life in recovery, while receiving the highest quality clinical support. This means you can keep your job (or find a job) while working on yourself and building a foundation for lifelong recovery.

Insurance Accepted

South Meadows Recovery works with most major insurance companies. We currently accept most PPO policies, and our team is working diligently to expand our network so we can help more people.

Hear From Our Clients


"I have struggled with mental health and addiction for the majority of my life, and have been to treatment centers with moderate success before. South Meadows is without a doubt the most effective facility I have ever been to. The community here is nothing short of amazing. Since day 1 the employees here have gone above and beyond to not only teach me the tools that I needed, but took the time, and held me accountable, to ensure that I have been putting these tools to use in my day to day life. If you or someone you know is struggling, reach out today and talk to someone here."


"I came there off a relapse that occured with no defense on my part. I was desperate and I was hopeless. I had less than nothing and no thought I'd ever be able to change that. Within three weeks I had a sponsor, worked many of my steps, and because of this, had a spiritual experience that changed my life forever. Throughout the time I spent there, I felt like I was given love until I learned how to love myself. The staff was approachable, human, and gave me a model to look up to and model for myself. I'm breaking anonymity these things usually require for one reason only: today, it occured to me that the people South Meadows has helped, and I personally know many; the ones that have found lasting recovery by having a life worth living? They don't usually speak about their experience, and without this, the view can be muddled. I honestly can't recommend them enough."


"I am a mom of an addict and was really struggling on how to help him. He had wrecked his life pretty good and was ready for help, so I had to figure it out. I woke up one morning desperate to understand how to help. So I just started googling places in the Austin area and I came across South Meadows Recovery. I spoke with John Brown who happened to answer the phone that day and he really helped me to help my son I am forever grateful. He is in recovery and I’m amazed at the level of compassion, knowledge and professionalism I’m seeing through his recovery. We have a wonderful community for those who struggle with addiction."​

Outpatient Rehab in Austin, TX

Our program can function as a “first step” towards recovery, a “tune-up” following a short reoccurrence of use, or as a support for the transitions from a residential treatment center into the realities of life. Learn more about our PHP and IOP program located here in Austin, TX

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Daily Sessions

Our PHP program offers daily sessions that provide intensive therapeutic support in a small group format. These daily interactions create a consistent and structured environment to help you on your path to recovery.

Individual Counseling

In addition to group sessions, our PHP program includes individual counseling. This one-on-one support allows you to address your unique needs and challenges, ensuring a personalized approach to your recovery.

Medical Oversight

During our PHP program you will have access to our medical provider who will manage medications and treat co-occurring disorders, ensuring comprehensive care and support for your recovery journey.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

AM / PM Options

Our IOP program offers flexibility with morning (AM) and evening (PM) options to accommodate your schedule. Whether you're balancing work or other commitments, we have a convenient time slot for you to continue your recovery journey.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling in our IOP program provides personalized support, helping you address specific challenges and work towards your recovery goals in a private and focused setting.


Mindfulness is a core component of our IOP program. Practicing mindfulness enhances your ability to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and find inner stillness, supporting your overall well-being during recovery.

Traditional Outpatient (OP)

Weekly Session

In our Outpatient level of care the client will attend one weekly treatment session. Our Outpatient Program acts as a seamless transition for the client to learn to deal with life's everyday stressors while continuing to live life.

Individual Counseling

All our programs are in an “open group” format, so you can start your journey to recovery today! Clients in our Outpatient Level of care will spend a minimum of 1 hour with their counselor monthly.


At South Meadows Recovery, we work to bring the clients' attention to the present moment. We teach the client to focus on breath, recognize thoughts as thoughts, expand their circle of compassion and be still.

Jon Brown CEO

Our program is designed to help get to the root cause and release a person from the grips of addiction and alcoholism.